Viewing Your Scores

To view your scores on past homework sets:

  1. Login to WebWork.
  2. On the Main Menu, click “Grades”
  3. You will see a table with the following information:
    • Set: The homework set
    • Score: The total correct (including partial credit)
    • Out of: Total number of problems in the homework set
    • Ind: A number generated by how many attempts you made on each problem until you got a correct answer. The higher the number, the better. (This probably will NOT affect your grade, see instructor). [see below for mathematical calculation]
    • Problems:
      • Top: A “C” means you got the problem correct. A number number between 0-100 means the percentage of the problem you got correct. A “dot” means you never entered an answer.
      • Bottom: The number of attempts. If there is a 0, you got it on the first try! Good job!! =)

Mathematical Calculation for Ind

100*(totalNumberOfCorrectProblems / totalNumberOfProblems)^2 / (AvgNumberOfAttemptsPerProblem) or 0 if no attempts
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