Mathematical Notation

The following syntax is recognized by WebWork:


Operator Input Preview
addition +
subtraction -
multiplication *
division /
exponentiation **
dot product .
cross product ><
factorial !
union U
list separator ,


Name Symbol
Parentheses ( or )
Brackets [ or ]
Braces { or }
  • NOTE: You can use any of them, but they must be used in pairs!


Constant Numeric Preview
pi 3.14159…
e 2.71828…

Trigonometric Functions

Function Input Preview
sine sin()
cosine cos()
tangent tan()
cosecant csc()
secant sec()
cotangent cot()

Inverse Trigonometric Functions

Function Input Preview
arcsine asin(), arcsin()
arccosine acos(), arccos()
arctangent atan(), arctan()
arccosecant acsc(), arccsc()
arcsecant asec(), arcsec()
arccotangent acot(), arccot()

Numeric Functions

Function Input Preview
Logarithm (base e) log( )
Logarithm (base 10) log10( ), logten( )
Natural Logarithm ln( )
Square Root sqrt( )
Absolute Value abs( )
Sign Function sgn( )
Floor Funtion int( )

Vector Functions

Function Input Preview
Norm norm( )
Unit unit( )

Complex Functions

Function Input Preview
Argument arg( )
Modulus mod( )
Real Part Re( )
Imaginary Part Im( )
Conjugate conj( )
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