How to Allow Students to See Problem Filenames

By default, Webwork does NOT show students problem filenames. In general, it is wise to preserve this behavior. However, if the filenames for your Webwork problems contain useful information (e.g., if they all point to problems in the same textbook), you can allow students to see problem filenames by following these steps:

  • Use the Classlist Editor to generate a spreadsheet containing the usernames of everyone in your class.
  • Use your favorite spreadsheet editor to generate a comma-separated list of all the usernames in your class, e.g.,
"username1", "username2", "username3", "username4"
  • Open the file course.conf from the File Manager and add an array called $pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{PRINT_FILE_NAMES_FOR} consisting of the list you created above. That is, add a line to course.conf that looks like
$pg{specialPGEnvironmentVars}{PRINT_FILE_NAMES_FOR} = ["username1", "username2", "username3", "username4"];
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