How to Allow Students to Generate New Versions of Problems

Webwork provides a macro to give students the power to change their random seed. This allows them to, for example, generate new versions of problems to try for their own practice.

  • To give students this capability on a particular problem:
    • Load the macro “”.
    • Include the line

      near the beginning of the problem before defining any random parameters.

  • This capability can be modified in a few different ways:
    • Students may be given this power only after the assignment is due, or at any time.
    • Students may be given this power only after they get the original problem right, or at any time.
    • Students may be given the power to choose their random seed manually, or may only get to ask for a new random seed.
    • contains extensive documentation on these options and how to change them.
  • If this code is included, students see a button on each problem which they can click to receive a new version of the problem. Depending on the particular options chosen (see above), they may not see this button until after the homework is due and/or they get the problem correct.
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