FAQs for Students

  1. If you used WebWork before, your password will not carry over. Please follow the login instructions and then change your password.
  2. After you submit your homework, we will automatically know. You do not need to email us this info; Webwork will keep track of your score.
  3. Correct answers will be released after the due date.
  4. To find out how to log in to Webwork, visit this page.
  5. If you click on the “Grades” link in Webwork, you will notice that every problem you have completed says “C” above it. Here, “C” stands for “correct”; it is not a letter grade. See viewing your scores
  6. Some homework questions may come from the textbook. YOU are responsible for obtaining access to a current edition of the textbook for problems such as these, for example by asking a friend or checking in the library.
  7. When entering answers into Webwork, some web browsers may autofill something other than what you have typed. Be careful! You should ALWAYS use the preview button before submitting an answer! This will catch the autofill mistake. You will not receive extra attempts for mistyped answers.
  8. If a homework's due date has passed but you would like to do a problem anyway for practice (say, while studying for an exam), Webwork will let you do this. Enter your answers and click “Check Answers”. Doing this will NOT affect your grade on that homework assignment! If you submit a correct answer once, then go back and enter an incorrect answer, Webwork will remember to give you credit even as it tells you that your current answer is incorrect.
  9. Even if a homework is not due yet, if you have used up all your attempts on a problem but want to try it anyway, Webwork will let you do this. You won't get credit for any correct answers you submit after you use up all your attempts, but you can find out whether your answers are correct or not.
  10. Webwork uses its own clock, which may be a few minutes off from your clock. You are responsible for submitting your answers before Webwork thinks they are due. If you want to see what time Webwork thinks it is, reload your webpage and scroll down to the bottom for “Page generated at” in small letters. The time listed there is the time Webwork thought it was at the moment you reloaded the webpage.
  11. Remember parentheses and order of operations! The “Preview Answers” button can help you ensure that you entered the function you meant to enter.
  12. Don't guess on homework problems! You will not learn by guessing, even if you guess correctly.
  13. Webwork cannot replace your instructor, your TA, attending lecture, or attending office hours. Webwork is just a way to practice what you've learned. Webwork lets you immediately diagnose what you are and are not understanding; once you've identified what you are not understanding, it is up to you to learn it the old-fashioned way (for example, by asking your instructor or TA for help during office hours).
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