Who Should Receive Emails

Depending on the size of the class and the TA situation, it may make sense for student emails to go to the instructor, the lead TA, the regular TAs, or the webwork TA.

  • For a large class without a lead TA, it could be appropriate to have the WeBWorK TA handle these emails. In this case, he/she will only deal with emails involving technical issues with the WeBWorK system and will refer questions asking for mathematical help to the instructor, TAs, and/or Calculus Room. If you are interested in having the WeBWorK TA handle these emails, contact him or her to determine the logistics of this.
  • For a class with a lead TA, it might make the most sense for him or her to receive emails. The lead TA generally has time to deal with administrative issues, and is also more aware of course-specific details than the WeBWorK TA. Depending on the volume of emails received and the other responsibilities of the lead TA, it might be appropriate for the lead TA to redirect emails asking for mathematical help to other course TAs.
  • For a small class (50 students or fewer), the volume of emails will generally be small enough that the instructor can answer all emails him or herself.
  • As an extreme measure, one can prevent students from using this button at all. Students will still be free to open their email programs and compose emails the old-fashioned way, but this may cut down on the volume of emails sent.

How to make WeBWorK send these emails to the chosen recipient

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