Adding Problems to Homework Sets

There are three ways to get problems: you can search the National WeBWorK Problem Library, you can use problems which previous instructors of your course have used, or you can write your own problems.

Obtaining problems from the National Library

  1. From the Library Browser, select a Target Set in which to place problems.
  2. Select the subject you want to search through. Most courses are under Calculus. The subject WeBWorK contains demonstration problems intended to teach students how to use WeBWorK.
  3. Then select the chapter. Note that problems may not be sorted in the way you think most sensible.
  4. Then select the section. Again, you may find the section titles a little misleading.
  5. Click “View Problems”
  6. When you've found a problem you want to use, select the “Add this problem…” box.
  7. Before moving to the next page, click “Update Set” to add the problems you've selected to your target set.

Using problems a previous UCD instructor has used

Note that if you are teaching a course with which WeBWorK has already been used, your WeBWorK course should have come with old homework assignments already available. You can copy these assignments wholesale if you wish. To pick problems from these old assignments one at a time, follow these instructions:

If you know the filename of the problem you want to use
  1. From the Homework Sets Editor, click the number in the “Edit Problems” column corresponding to the set in which you want to place the problem.
  2. Click the checkbox marked “Add 1 blank problem template(s) to end of homework set”, then click “Save Changes”.
  3. Change the filename foo/ to the filename of the problem you wish to use, then click “Save Changes”.
If you want to browse through old problems
  1. From the Library Browser, click the “From This Course” button.
  2. In the dropdown menu marked “Select a Homework Set” next to “Browse from:”, choose an old homework set.
  3. You will see all the problems from that homework set, or 20 at a time if there are more than 20. Find the problems you want to add and click the “Add this problem to the target set on the next update” box for each one.
  4. At the top of the page, select a Target Set in which to place problems. Now click “Update Set”.

Writing your Own Problems

For a short guide to writing your own problems, see The Structure of a WeBWorK Problem.

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