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 +====== Dropping Students ======
 +Students who have dropped your course are not automatically removed. If you need to drop a student yourself, please do NOT delete them from WebWork. Instead, do the following.
 +  - Login to WebWork.
 +  - Go to "​Classlist Editor"​ under the Instructor Tools Menu.
 +  - Search for the user by username.
 +  - Click the pencil next to their username.
 +  - Put a "​D"​ in front of their section. So their section should now read "D01, D02,​..."​ etc.
 +  - When it's time to enter grades into SmartSite, you will be able to sort by section and these students will appear at the bottom of the file, allowing you to easily avoid their scores.
 +We don't want you to delete students because once you do, all of their data is lost. If the student was dropped from the course for not paying student fees or another reason, they could reappear a few days later. We don't want this data deleted incase you need it again. You can always go back and change their section from "​D01"​ to "​01"​ if they reappear in the gradebook.
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