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 +====== Changing Passwords ======
 +This describes how the instrutor or TA can change the password for any person in the class. This is useful when a student has forgotten their password after changing it on their own.
 +First we must look for the student and indicate that we want to change their password.
 +  - Click "​Classlist Editor"​ from the Instructor Tools menu
 +  - Search for your student
 +  - Click the radio button next to "Give new password to [selected users]"​
 +  - Select the checkbox to the left of the student'​s account
 +  - Click "Take Action!"​
 +You will be taken to the password change page.
 +  - Click the radio button next to "Save changes"​
 +  - Enter the new password under "New Password"​
 +  - Click "Take Action!"​
 +The new password will take effect immediately.
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