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Changing Open/Due Dates

To change the open and due dates for an assignment, do the following:

  1. From the Homework Sets Editor, click either the pencil next to the assignment name or the corresponding number in the “Edit Problems” column.
  2. Set the Open Date, the Due Date, and the Answer Date.
    • Before the Open Date, students will be able to see that the assignment exists, but will not be able to view it. However if it is either invisible or not assigned to them, they will never be able to see that it exists.
    • After the Due Date, students will not be able to submit problems for credit, but will still be able to view the problems and check their answers.
    • After the Answer Date, students will be able to view the correct answers, as well as worked-out solutions if they exist. WeBWorK will not let you set the Answer Date to be before the Due Date.
    • WeBWorK is aware of Daylight Saving Time. Enter all times in Davis local time and WeBWorK will take care of the rest.
  3. Save your changes when you are finished.
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