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 +====== Adding Students to Homework Sets ======
 +Students cannot see homework sets until you assign the sets to them. In fact, there are two things that must happen before a student can see a set:
 +  - The set must be assigned to the student, and
 +  - the set must be visible.
 +If those two are true, then the student can see that the set exists. If, further, the current date is after the Open Date of the set, then the student can view the set.
 +To assign students to a set, do the following:
 +  - From the Homework Sets Editor, click the fraction in the "Edit Assigned Users" column corresponding to the set.
 +  - Select individual students and click "​Save"​ to assign the set to individual users, such as yourself and/or TAs --OR--
 +  - Click "​Assign to All Current Users" to assign the set to every user.
 +Sets are visible by default. You can make sets invisible from the Homework Sets Editor.
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